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New members + small update

I would like to take this time to welcome 2 new members to "an actor to watch" - tern16420 and ctheinvisible17! Welcome to the community, gals :D It's great to have some more Ballerini fans here!

As far as the fansite goes, it's getting some more headway, that's for sure! I've got the central image for the entrance page completely drawn out in my sketch book and I've gotta say, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out ; ) I've dabbled w/ Photoshop and Fireworks respectively; next, I'll be trying my hand at Flash. I want this fansite to be awesome so I'm going to be taking my time on it, but I'll try to be efficient. Don't worry: it's going to be great once it's done :D

Until next time, ciao!

~Jenn D.


<---- Heehee, you guys like the icon I made? It's my very first time making one so I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Must make more and try my hand at different styles and techniques! Anyway, okay, gang! I've got a domain host and account established for my Edoardo Ballerini fansite and after fiddling around with bringing it to life via some HTML/CSS goodness, I can finally get the fanlisting. Apparently, I can't get one until I can show the folks over at Fanlisting.org that I know how to do HTML. I don't see why they can't accept my MySpace page as proof; I mean, if they would just take a good look at it, they can see that I didn't use any templates...much. Ah well, gives me a chance to show off some skills to them once the gate's finished :D

I'd LOVE to go ahead and reveal the name of the fansite and the address, but I'd rather wait until I've made something for you all to LOOK at, in the least. It's blank now because nothing's really been done to it; I bought the domain while I was at work and all of my files and programs are obviously a la mi casa T-T But tomorrow's a new day and I'm off Wed and Thurs so expect some extensive construction to be done during that time frame. I promise that as soon as I have some real work done on the site, I'll reveal the title and link! Perhaps by Friday?

I cannot WAIT to get started! Hope you fans are as excited as I am, so stay tuned ~_^

~Jenn D.

I would like to announce the birth of this LJ community, an actor to watch, dedicated to the talented Edoardo Ballerini. Since 2000, I have been a big fan of Ballerini's work and it is high time that I show my appreciation as such. I'm in the process of creating a fanlisting as well as a major fansite so more updates on those projects as well as anything Edo are to come in the future.

All fans are welcome - new and veteran, knowledgeable and curious! So grab a cup of your favorite thirst-quencher, sit back and relax as you experience the jewel that is Edoardo Ballerini ^_^

~Jenn D.

Furthermore, neither I nor this LJ community, an actor to watch, has any personal affiliation with Edoardo Ballerini, Mineralava Productions or his work. I'm just a silly fan and the moderator of an LJ community I created in dedication to my favorite actor ~_^